About Skooli

Skooli presents itself as a comprehensive online tutoring platform that caters to a diverse range of educational needs across various subjects, including the intricate field of Arabic language learning. The company's approach to education is both personal and technology-driven, aiming to facilitate an enriching learning experience that transcends the traditional classroom boundaries.

One of the standout features of Skooli is its commitment to providing quality instruction through a team of professional educators. Each tutor at Skooli holds at least a bachelor's degree, a master's, or a teaching license, ensuring that students receive instruction from individuals with a solid academic background and teaching experience. This focus on academic credentials is particularly crucial for subjects like Arabic, where understanding the nuances of the language and culture is key to mastering the language.

Skooli's platform is designed with flexibility in mind, offering both on-demand tutoring sessions and scheduled lessons to accommodate the individual schedules of students. This level of accessibility is critical for learners who may have other commitments or those who thrive under a self-directed study schedule. Skooli's use of interactive online classrooms equipped with modern tools like an interactive whiteboard and the option for audio and video communication further enriches the learning experience, simulating an in-person tutoring session in a virtual environment.

For students of Arabic, Skooli’s platform offers a significant advantage. The ability to connect with tutors who are skilled in teaching both Modern Standard Arabic and various dialects means that learners can tailor their education to specific goals, be it for academic, professional, or personal purposes. Moreover, the inclusion of native speakers as tutors provides an authentic linguistic and cultural immersion, which is invaluable when learning a language.

While Skooli's services are on the pricier side, the company assures customer satisfaction through its Skooli Satisfaction Guarantee. This policy allows students to try the tutoring service risk-free, which is reassuring for those hesitant to invest in online tutoring. However, it's important for prospective customers to weigh the cost against the potential benefits of personalized, professional instruction.

Another aspect of Skooli that deserves mention is its commitment to safety and security. The company conducts background checks on all of its tutors, providing an added layer of trust and peace of mind for students and parents alike. This is particularly important given the online nature of the service, where safety concerns are often heightened.

In the competitive landscape of Arabic tutoring services, Skooli distinguishes itself through its professional educator base, flexible learning options, and robust technological platform. While the cost may be a consideration for some, the value of the personalized and professional educational experience it offers could well justify the investment for serious learners. As with any educational service, potential customers should assess their individual needs, learning preferences, and budget before making a decision. With Skooli, students have the opportunity to engage with a supportive learning community that prioritizes quality education and student success in the complex journey of mastering the Arabic language.

Products and Services

Skooli provides a comprehensive suite of online tutoring services, offering personalized, one-on-one instruction across a broad spectrum of subjects, including languages and sciences, for students ranging from elementary school to university level, with additional support for homework, test preparation, and specialized learning needs.

Online Tutoring

Instant online tutoring available for all subjects at any time, providing one-on-one learning with real teachers.

Math Tutoring

Personalized math tutoring for various levels, including calculus, algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Language Tutoring

Language tutoring services, with ESL, Spanish, French, Chinese, and other languages, tailored to individual learning styles.

Science Tutoring

Dedicated tutoring in science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology to help students improve their understanding and grades.


  • Offers instant online tutoring across a wide range of subjects including Arabic

  • Rigorous tutor screening ensures qualified and trustworthy educators

  • Incorporates interactive online classroom tools for an immersive learning experience

  • Satisfaction guarantee provides risk-free trial for new students


  • May be more expensive compared to some other options

  • Focused on a broader range of subjects which might dilute the specialization in Arabic

Getting Started

After signing up with Skooli, you can expect to engage in an online tutoring platform that offers a wide range of subjects, including languages like Arabic. You'll be able to connect with qualified tutors instantly for immediate help or schedule sessions in advance. The platform boasts interactive tools such as video conferencing and a digital whiteboard. To get started, register as a Skooli student or parent for free on their website and find your subject expert. If Skooli doesn't seem right for you, feel free to check out the rest of our rankings.