About Al Noor Arabic Center

Al Noor Arabic Center presents itself as a beacon of language education in the bustling cityscape of Washington D.C., with its doors also open in the heart of NYC. Established in June 2018, the center has quickly become more than a mere institution for foreign language instruction; it's a vibrant community where education is not just about the transfer of knowledge but a transformative life experience that shapes the very fabric of one's personal and professional identity.

The center's commitment to excellence is evident in its personalized approach to teaching. With a focus on Arabic Language and Middle Eastern culture, Al Noor Arabic Center caters to a wide spectrum of learners, from those taking their first steps in Modern Standard Arabic to those delving into the nuances of Egyptian and Levantine dialects. The linguistic journey is enriched by a faculty of passionate and skilled educators, each with a minimum of seven years of experience and degrees in applied linguistics, ensuring that students are not just learning a language but immersing themselves in the cultural subtleties that the language conveys.

One of the center's distinguishing features is its small class sizes, which foster an intimate learning environment where each student's individual needs and learning styles are recognized and nurtured. This approach contrasts with larger, more impersonal classes where students may struggle to find their voice or receive the attention they need. The option of private, semi-private, and group classes provides flexibility and caters to the varying preferences of learners, a testament to the center's dedication to accommodating diverse learning objectives.

For those unable to attend in person, Al Noor Arabic Center has adapted to the digital age by offering online classes, ensuring that geography is no barrier to accessing quality education. This flexibility is particularly noteworthy in a world where time is a precious commodity, and learners appreciate the convenience of engaging with their studies from the comfort of their own homes.

The center's cultural footprint extends beyond traditional classroom boundaries, as evidenced by its dynamic community engagement. By offering events and integrating cultural learning into its curriculum, Al Noor Arabic Center ensures that language learning is a holistic experience, where students not only learn to speak but also to live the language.

While the center's website could benefit from a more streamlined presentation to enhance user experience, the depth and breadth of information available demonstrate a transparent and thorough approach to language education. The institute's policies and procedures are clearly outlined, providing prospective students with a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of commitment and investment.

In conclusion, Al Noor Arabic Center distinguishes itself with a rich blend of cultural immersion, experienced educators, and flexible learning options. It stands as a compelling choice for those eager to embark on or continue their journey through the rich tapestry of the Arabic language and culture. Whether you're a professional seeking to deepen your regional expertise or a student looking to explore the linguistic threads that weave through the Middle East, Al Noor Arabic Center offers a robust and enriching educational experience that promises growth both in and out of the classroom.

Products and Services

Al Noor Arabic Center provides a diverse and flexible range of Arabic language learning opportunities, including various class sizes and formats like private, group, and online sessions, all tailored to meet the specific schedules, goals, and interests of learners at competitive prices.

Private Classes

Private classes are flexible and customized based on the student's schedule, class length, and frequency. They are tailored to specific goals with prices starting at $60 per hour for a trial class, and a package deal of $54 per hour for 10 hours.

Group Classes

Group classes are small, ranging from 3-7 students, and designed to meet twice a week for 2 hours per class, totaling 30 hours. Students are matched based on similar levels, goals, and interests, with prices at $490 per session.

Online Classes

Online classes offer the same customization and flexibility as private classes, with prices starting at $50 per hour for a trial class and a package of $47.5 per hour for 10 hours.

Off-site Classes

For those unable to attend classes at the center's location, off-site private and group classes are available, with private classes priced at $65 per hour and group classes at $40 per hour per person.


  • Specializes in a comprehensive Arabic language curriculum including dialects

  • Experienced teachers with a minimum of 7 years in language education

  • Flexible learning options with private, semi-private, and group classes

  • Offers Farsi/Persian classes for those interested in expanding language skills


  • Cancellation policy could be a drawback for those with unpredictable schedules

  • Newer institution with less established history compared to some competitors

Getting Started

Al Noor Arabic Center offers an array of Arabic language courses and Farsi classes after signing up. They provide both private and group classes with experienced teachers. To get started, choose your preferred course on their website and register online. If Al Noor Arabic Center doesn't seem to be the right fit, you can explore other companies in our rankings.